PANNEX – Videos

Here you can find our videos about the easy application, the cleanliness at the tire repair shop as well as some impressions of PANNEX at Automechanika 2014.


1) PANNEX™ – The fast support for flat tires

Flat tires can be an aggravating event.
Having PANNEX™ on board, you will become mobile within minutes.

Persuade yourself how easy PANNEX™ can be applied.


For more details, have a look at our manual.


2) PANNEX™ – clean and userfriendly in the tire repairshop

After becoming mobile with PANNEX™ you should proceed to the nearest tire repair shop to verify the tire.

What happens in the garage?

This video shows a comparison of the user-friendliness between PANNEX™ based on microfibre and conventional tire sealants based on latex at the tire repair shop.

Due to the lower amount of fluids required, PANNEX™ can be cleaned easily using pure water.

If the tire is repairable, it can be re-used. If it is not, a PANNEX™-tire can be fully recycled while tires treated with conventional sealants need to be depolluted as hazardous waste. Please ask your specialist at the tire repair shop.

3) Successful Automechanika for Innovation Award Winner PANNEX AG

From September 16th to September 20th, 2014, the brand new tire sealant PANNEX™ was introduced to the public for the first time at the Automechanika in Frankfurt.

Here you can find some impressions of PANNEX at the Automechanika trade fair.