PANNEX™ – The fast support for flat tires

Product Information

PANNEX™ is a brand new, powerful tire sealant based on microfibre.

It is composed of eco-friendly components solely, and used to repair flat tires.

Product Information

PANNEX™ offers the following advantages:

  • seals damages up to 8 mm
  • is absolutely eco-friendly and easily biodegradable
  • certified by DEKRA and Hydrotox
  • storage life of 10 years
  • needs less liquid (1 bottle is sufficient for 2 applications)

  • is non-flammable, non-corrosive and not aggressive to paint
  • can be removed from the tire easily with water in the garage
  • a repairable tire can be re-used
  • tire can be recycled

Become mobile again quickly after a flat tire – eco-friendly

PANNEX™ is the only tire sealant composed of eco-friendly components only and is easily biodegradable. Furthermore, abandoning the spare wheel reduces fuel consumption and thus reduces CO2-emissions. Hence, PANNEX™ is absolutely eco-friendly.

Fast remedy


A flat tire situation is awkward. Using PANNEX™ a driver becomes mobile again quickly. Applying PANNEX™ is easy. The leak causing the flat tire can be sealed easily without much effort, avoiding a complete tire-change on-site. For more information, please watch our video.

Easy application

flat tire help

After filling the PANNEX™ tire sealant into the tire, it will be inflated using the air compressor. The powerful microfibres within the fluid reliably seal leaks up to 8 mm in size and allow a safe continuation of the journey to the tire repair shop.

Repairable tire

tire sealant

At the tire repair shop PANNEX™ is eco-friendly and clean, too. PANNEX™ can be washed away easily using regular water. PANNEX™ can be disposed of regularly. Furthermore, a repairable tire treated with PANNEX™ can be repaired. For more information, please watch our video.