PANNEX™ – the powerful and eco-friendly tire sealant

PANNEX™ is the fast support for flat tires. Become mobile again quickly with PANNEX™.

PANNEX™ allows an easy and fast repair of a flat tire. Due to the fact that PANNEX™ requires less fluid than other tire sealants, the content of a regular PANNEX™-bottle is sufficient for two applications on regular tires.

This overview shows how easy it is to apply PANNEX™.


First safeguard the scene using the breakdown triangle of your car.


Position the defunct tire to the most optimal position: Valve at 8 o’clock-position or at 4 o’clock-position.


Unscrew the valve using the valvedriver from the set. The remaining air inside the tire will exhaust.


Before application make sure to strongly shake the PANNEX™-bottle for at least two minutes, so that all microfibres within the fluid will be uniformly distributed.


Fix the filler pipe onto the bottle and then fill the sealant into the tire by slightly pressing the bottle. For regular tires only half of the bottle content is required. Please observe the dosage-information on the bottle.


Srew the valve back onto the tire.


Now the air-compressor can be connected to the 12-V-electricity outlet in your car (cigarette lighter plug). Connect the air compressor’s air tube to the valve.
Inflate the tire again using the air compressor until the regular air pressure is attained.


When regular air pressure is attained, immediately continue your trip and drive normally, so that the microfibres are distributed within the tire and seal the leak.
Make sure not to exceed a speed of max. 80 km/h (50 m.p.h.).


For safety reasons double check air pressure in the affected tire after a distance of a few kilometers and eventually bring it back to the regular pressure. It is recommended to proceed to the nearest tire shop, so that the tire can be checked.

Please ask the specialist in the garage, if the tire is repairable. In such cases a tire treated with PANNEX™ can subsequently be used.

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Here you can learn more regarding the ease of use and the cleanliness
of PANNEX™ at the tire repair shop.

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