PANNEX™ – the powerful and eco-friendly tire sealant


PANNEX™ can be used for all types of tires and vehicles (car, utility vehicle or caravan).

The fast support for flat tires

In case of a flat tire, you now have the chance to become mobile again fast – with less effort compared to a complete wheel change on the road.

PANNEX™ can be used easily. Just fill PANNEX™ into the tire through the valve-set and refill air using the 12-V-compressor. Microfibres within PANNEX™ reliably seal leakages and damages up to 8 mm.
For further information, feel free to watch our video guide.

Gentle to the environment with PANNEX™

Abandoning the spare wheel means preserving the environment. Less weight in the trunk reduces fuel consumption and thus reduces CO2-emissions.
PANNEX™ itself is absolutely environmentally-friendly. It is easily biodegradable and thus can be washed away using regular water.

After applying PANNEX™ to the tire, a repairable tire can be re-used.

Compared to conventional tire sealants PANNEX™ offers many advantages:

  • seals damages up to 8 mm
  • is absolutely eco-friendly and easily biodegradable
  • certified by DEKRA and Hydrotox
  • storage life of 10 years

  • needs less liquid (1 bottle is sufficient for 2 applications)
  • is non-flammable, non-corrosive and not aggressive to paint
  • can be removed from the tire easily with water in the garage
  • a repairable tire can be re-used

The effectiveness of PANNEX™ has been demonstrated to and certified by major independent institutions:



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